Principal Message's

Chhattisgarh being a major rice growing area having good potentials for other crops, which is a key factor for the agricultural economy of this new state. Education in the field of agriculture particularly for other crops will play a major role for the improvement. This will lead to the improvement of economy of major rural population and also their standard of living.
Agriculture economy of chhattisgarh state, having more that 80% of its population depends on agriculture is not at par with other states of the country. Scientific farming can increase their income by 40 to 50% and that can help the need of the increasing population of the state, therefore, the agriculture education have become the need of the day.
"Chhattisgarh Agriculture College" offering graduation in the field of agriculture was established on 1st February 2003 with its main object to provide education to youth for their career in agriculture. The Student will get Degree of B.Sc. (Agriculture) which is a recognised in state government as well as central government. We are proud to be categorized as rank-1 amongst affiliated colleges by the I.G.K.V., Raipur (C.G.)

Dr. K. S. Pandya
Chhattisgarh Agriculture College